Roof Tune-Ups

Your roof protects your home from the elements and as a result of this, your roof system takes a lot of abuse from the weather and the natural elements. Over time, debris can build up on your roof which accelerates the deterioration of your roof and the materials protecting your home. It is important to have your roof inspected from time to time to ensure that your roof is in the best shape possible and to prevent or slow down any deterioration of your roof.

The breakdown of your roof is caused by a variety of environmental factors such as wine, droppings and dirt, leaves, ponding water and even backed up gutters. To prevent the weakening of your roof you can have one of our professional roofing contractors in Lithonia, Stone Mountain and Snellville come by your house for a roof inspection to offer some advice and suggestions on any minor roof repairs as well as take a look to see if your roof is weakening and if the deterioration is accelerating from environmental factors.

If you are able to keep your roof free of debris you will definitely extend the life of your roof system and you will also ensure that the manufacturer of the roof materials will honor the original warranty that covers the roofing products installed on your home.

Residential Roof Tune-Ups Are Important

This is one of those “sooner rather than later” moments where you should have annual check ups performed on your roof to ensure that there aren’t any issues and that your roof is going to last as long as possible. Minor repairs to your roof are much more affordable in the long-run compared to replacing your roof prematurely due to a lack or roof maintenance. We can send one of our roofers over for a thorough evaluation and roof cleaning at a very affordable rate and this will protect your investment.

Our roof tune-up service includes an inspection of your roof including the roofing materials, workmanship, pipes and penetrations of any rooftop equipment and more. All of these elements can be impacted by weather and can impact the longevity of your roof. During our roofing inspection, if we see anything that needs to be repaired we will provide a free estimate for any roofing work needed and provide a report of our findings at the end of the appointment.



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